Umwelt AG entwickelt sich aus dem bilingualen Projektunterricht

Dear Readers,

Today, I would like to tell you something about the English project of the classes 7a/b/c. At the beginning, we talked about climate change and we watched short videos about droughts, floods and other environmental disasters  – some of which we never knew existed but, unfortunately, are real! We also watched talks by Greta Thunberg, Lauren Singer and the Wijsen sisters and we realized that we had to change something now! Together with our teacher we thought about what we could do to make a difference and we came to the conclusion that everyone can do something. So, we formed small groups and started to work on projects that can help our environment. For example, we made posters about the causes and consequences of climate change, built birds‘ houses, created stickers which remind people to switch off the lights and much more. One group even prepared a presentation which they presented to (almost) all students at GSG. Also, they made a survey to ask the whole school about what they already do to fight climate change and started an „Umweltschutz-AG“ which now takes place every week.

Everyone can do something! Have a great day 🙂

Anita 7b